• We provide 12 Keys, with which together, we can make a successful design for your commercial and / or public place.

  • We provide you with 12 keys so that we can achieve together, a successful design of a commercial space.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of establishment or business it is.
  • As interior designers of commercial premises and public concurrence, our job is to  consider and control in your project all the following points to help you create a successful business, adjusting it of course, to your needs and your budget.


1 – Differentiation + Personalization = Success of your business.


  • The first of the 12 keys, for the success of your business premises, is to achieve the differentiation of your business.
  • The most important part of the reform / project of your business is not the work itself, but the success is based on all the forecast and preparation that will be carried out before the start of it.
  • For this we will have to consider both your business and that of your most direct competition.
  • Differentiating and personalizing your business with respect to your competitors is very important to not be another one more.
  • Direct your project towards your objective clients, their needs and way of being, will be crucial for the proper functioning and success of your business.


2 – Understand the business:


  • This is the starting point and the most important.
  • No one like you to know better the current situation of your market and where it is going, what are the needs of your customers and why you want to locate your business.
  • In summary, know everything that is part of your strategic business plan.
  • Your knowledge is of vital importance so that along with our experience we can ensure that your business not only differs from the competition, but also generates a type of emotional bond with the client through the experiences lived within it.



3 – Knowing the product / service:


  • Knowing the product / service you want to offer is vitally important.
  • It allows us to work to transmit to your client its essence and its competitive advantages over its competition.
  • We will use interior design as a tool to convey the message that benefits the most for the exhibition and sale of your product.



4 – Understand the entrepreneur:


  • Getting to know you, your preferences, your values, your personality and your dreams will be essential to ensure that they are reflected in the result of the project.
  • We want to know everything you can tell us about yourself, your life and your business.
  • In this way we will be able to create a space molded to your way of being, of living and of working, of which you can feel proud and that inspires you every day.
  • Why taking care of your well-being and happiness in the workplace is important for your productivity, it is where you will spend a large part of your life.



5 – Functionality and aesthetics:


  • We live in the era of the image.
  • The media and social networks are flooded with exposed images and designed to express feelings or attract attention.
  • Love at first sight is not everything for your client.
  • If the functionality of your business suffers, the final product / service you receive too.
  • That is why it is so important to take care of the image / message that you want to convey, such as taking care that the distribution and characteristics of your premises efficiently meet all the operational needs of your business.
  • That you explain your business, your product / service and your needs, will be key to achieve the right balance between the functionality and aesthetics that your business needs.



6 – Wellness:


  • Wellness as a great objective.
  • Regardless of the type of product / service you offer, creating a space where both your customers and your workers feel comfortable, calm, and safe, is essential for them to get a positive experience.
  • Loyalty on the one hand to your customers and on the other hand, increased the productivity of your employees.
  • Betting on the well-being within your project can only bring you short and long term benefits.
  • Well-being that we will achieve from working together, issues such as lighting, acoustics, air conditioning and ergonomic design of the elements that will make up your premises.



7 – lighting:


  • This is one of the most important keys to achieve a successful design of a commercial premises.
  • Lighting is one of the most important elements for any type of business.
  • We will not illuminate a bar in the same way as an office.
  • Through good lighting control we give life to the spaces, highlight the products and create sensations.
  • Bad lighting, can give an exceptional design.
  • So it is important to design every corner of your premises taking into account the final lighting at all times.
  • Achieving adequate lighting will generate positive feelings and comfort, increasing the well-being of both customers and your company’s staff.



8 – Acoustics:


  • We can not forget, the importance of acoustics, to achieve a successful design of a commercial premises.
  • The noise, our great invisible enemy and therefore not taken into account.
  • If we think that noise is one of the main causes of stress in our daily work environment, taking care of the acoustics of your premises should become something necessary.
  • The goal is to create a comfortable space in which your client can relax and concentrate on enjoying the experience you are offering.
  • A choice of materials appropriate to the use of your premises, will help us reduce the internal reverberation of it.
  • In this way we will create a space according to the final product / service you wish to offer.
  • At the same time it will positively affect both the performance and the mood of your employees.


9 – Air conditioning:


  • Today, we no longer imagine a public place without air conditioning, already considered as an elementary need for the comfort of our customers and employees.
  • We have to take into account that air conditioning does not only mean installing air conditioning.
  • We also have to take care of the constant renewal of air, thus avoiding possible annoying odors and charged or stale environments.
  • A good project, will take into account from the beginning the type of facilities necessary for a good air conditioning of your premises.
  • Integrating this into the final decoration elements, either hiding it or highlighting it, according to the possibilities of each space and final image that you want to transmit.
  • Controlling the temperature and air quality of your room, will undoubtedly be one of the basic points to make your customer experience excellent.



10 – Furniture:


  • An essential part of the final decoration that will help to thematize your space and transmit the final message that you want your client to perceive.
  • Simplicity, elegance, ethnicity, modernity, retro, naturalness …
  • As well as to sell your product better, ending up forming a main part of the experience that the client will remember after his visit.
  • In reference to the furniture, you have to take into account that apart from its aesthetic component, its adequate and ergonomic design will be key to satisfying its accessibility and operability, as well as its comfort, in a way that guarantees that your client’s well-being is full.
  • We cannot forget that furniture is the part of your business that will most physically contact the customer.
  • So you must take great care of your choice to achieve the ultimate purpose, which is the satisfactory experience of this.
  • Nor should you forget that adequate furniture in the work areas will provide your employees with an extra dose of health and well-being that will have a positive impact on your business in the medium and long term.


11 – Customer Experience:


  • This is the final objective of the entire project for the success of the design of a commercial premises, so that the client has a satisfactory experience, from the moment he enters your premises, until he leaves.
  • All the “scenery” has been designed with your well-being in mind, the optimal exposure of your product / service, its functionality and the transmission of the message you want as a company.
  • For the client to enter, relax, enjoy, consume / buy your product / service, and leave, and most importantly, to return and explain to third parties the great experience lived in your premises.
  • We cannot forget it, a good customer experience guarantees us your loyalty and your recommendation to new customers.


12 – Customer service and perceived product:


  • This point is no longer part of your business interior design project, but we can’t stop reminding you
  • All the efforts and staging that you will be making to achieve an excellent experience for your client, with the objective of selling your service / product and the loyalty of this, will never be enough to guarantee the success of your business if you do not have Good customer service and a good product according to the expectations created for the consumer.
  • This will be the human part of your business and will directly affect the final experience lived by the client.
  • That is why it is important not to forget in the design of your business, the welfare of your employees, as they will be an essential part of the success of your company.


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