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Advantages of hiring an interior designer for your improvement:


In the following writing, you will be able to find a whole series of advantages that you will hire when hiring an Interior Designer for your improvement.


– Advice for the optimal use of space.


  • One of the first advantages of hiring an interior designer for your reform, is to know and work with the real measures of the space to be reformed, the possibilities of this and how to intervene in the best possible way in it to get what you need, it is not an easy task .
  • The experience of an interior designer can help you get the most out of your space, so that it is much more functional and appropriate to the needs of your activity.


– Advice on materials and finishes:


  • About the choice of finishes, materials, facilities and type of lighting you need:

With thousands of brands, products and manufacturers circling around us, hiring an interior designer will help you select those that best suit:

  • the regulations that you have to comply
  • The needs of your space.
  • your tastes and / or those of your customers.
  • And of course, they better suit your budget.

Combining all these elements to find the right combination, is another advantage in which hiring an interior designer can be of great help you can guide one type or another of products saving you time and long searches that in the end do not lead you to anything specific.

  • He can provide you ideas and solutions that in many cases will not have taken into account and that will greatly upgrade your project.



– Help with compliance with current regulations and building permits:


  • Each project is different, it is not the same as the regulations and the necessary permits for the reform of a home than of a commercial premises.
  • Make your project from the beginning taking into account the regulations associated with its reform, it is another of the great advantages of hiring an interior designer, it can help save on future modifications that can then be forced to do if you have not taken them into account, affect Unpredictable way to work and expenses already incurred.
  • For this reason, it is convenient to work from the beginning with the necessary advice and following the corresponding rules, to avoid changes and unforeseen costs afterwards.

Reinforcement in project customization:


  • Another advantage is that when hiring an interior designer, he can help you customize your project, to your liking and / or for that of your clients, it is important.
  • Letting yourself be guided by fashion is not always advisable, since they pass quickly and your store may be outdated right away.
  • It is advisable to opt for a personalized design that identifies your company and provides you with a differentiated value, adapted to your needs and tastes, we are talking about an investment that you have to amortize in the long term, and get carried away by trends that can change from a Year for the next, it will not always be the best option.
  • If you want to be different, you should not follow the same trends imposed by the market or your project will not be different from the rest.
  • The most important thing is that it suits you, the personality of your company, and meets your expectations and those of your target customer.



– Greater control with the completion of a technical project and initial budget before starting the work:


  • Knowing how much the work is going to cost you before the works start is very helpful, for your economic planning, requesting a loan for it, or re-studying the project carried out to see whether or not you can adjust any item to reduce the final price .
  • The completion of the technical project will also help you in reducing costs thanks to the planning, and reducing the execution time, the number of contingencies, improvisations and rectifications on site.

+ control = – costs – time.




– Support with industrial coordination and construction management:


  • Because you have a life and other things to do in your day to day, it is not easy to be permanently on top of the different industrialists involved in a work and verify if they are following the project correctly.
  • Failure to do so may lengthen the time of execution of the work, so it is always recommended that the interior designer who has executed the project is the same as coordinating the work, being able to properly track the different suppliers and verifying that the project is carried out as initially agreed with each of them.


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