• Interior Design in Tarragona | Each client is different, so from VFM Disseny we adapt to your needs and requirements.


– Projects for commercial and professional spaces:


Interior design in Tarragona for shops, bars, restaurants, hotels, offices, stands, etc.


  • The image of your business is important as a business card to your customers and as a differentiator against the competition.
  • Therefore, we are committed to finding solutions to meet your current and future business needs
  • In addition, we advise you on a functional, aesthetic, and technical level, so that you can make the most of your investment in the short, medium and long term..

– Interior Design for homes:


Integral and partial housing reforms


  • We adapt to your needs and requirements.
  • From a simple advice or a distribution proposal, to the integral realization of the project.
  • You decide how many and which phases of the project you want us to participate.

– On-line Interior Design Service:


On-line projects, both for commercial and professional spaces, and for housing


  • Today, with the means at our disposal no matter where you are.
  • So if you have clear your needs and can send us the measurements of your premises / housing, we can help you.
    • This service is recommended only for phases 1 of the project (Draft).
    • From phase 2 (Development of the executive project) it is recommended at least an on-site verification of the premises / housing to avoid subsequent unforeseen events.

– Different phases of an interior design project:


– Draft. (Phase 1)


  1. Definition of needs
  2. Design proposal and solutions through plant and elevations.
  3. 3D visualizations (upon request)
  4. Estimated previous budget.

– Development of the technical project. (Phase 2)


  1. Distribution floor plans and elevations.
  2. Facilities plans.
  3. Construction details.
  4. Descriptive report of materials and quantities.
  5. 3D visualizations (upon request)

Project cost calulation. (Phase 3)


  1. Meeting with potential suppliers and industrialists.
  2. Request for budgets and final selection of industrialists.
  3. Detailed final budget of work.

Construction management. (Phase 4)


  1. Work Shedule.
  2. Industrial coordination.
  3. Work permit application.
  4. Work visits.
  5. Control of the budget of work and unforeseen.


– Other services:


  • Advice on:
    • the reduction of energy consumption
    • the choice of materials with low environmental impact.
    • legal regulations for different types of projects.

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